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Security Consulting:

All Businesses, Government Departments and Corporations are focused on achieving goals, it may be that they intend on increasing market share, creating wealth for shareholders, or providing a service to the community. But each of those organizations, need to balance their production processes with sufficient control measures to make certain they don’t imperil their growth.

CCS specialize in providing consulting services and training to identify those control processes or absence thereof in an organization which have the ability to affect that groups productivity or which pose a risk to the organization. Risks of course can take many forms and each business group has their own risk profile. It may be that risk could come from corporate image, internal fraud, supply chain threats, faulty employment practices or an inability to respond to emergencies.

Importantly, CCS provides organizations with the skills to develop their control measures. We work with your people and develop their ability to put in place appropriate control measures. In particular we specialize in providing services which include:

 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is probably the most important control process that an organization will undertake. Utilizing the standards laid out in ISO 3100 CCS will look at all of the areas that pose a risk to the particular organization; these may include Equipment and people failure, Demographic trends, (Social Action Response) food storage, fuel supplies, medical supplies and many others. Having identified the risks CCS will then develop a risk profile of the major risks and an action plan to mitigate those risks. CCS specializes in developing sustainable skills within a client organization so that risk assessing becomes an ongoing activity driven from within.

Business Continuity Planning

All businesses and indeed all corporate entities need to consider all of the circumstances that may have an impact on reducing productivity. Identifying those areas that potentially may stop or delay a company continuing to operate and developing plans to circumvent such situations is paramount; for example does a mining company obtain all of their production material from the one source and then are held to ransom by local landowners who blockade the source, or do they identify multiple supply locations? Does a factory store their entire product in the one building and expose their operation to risk from a fire? Is there a plan in the advent of a flu pandemic? These and many other risks peculiar to each individual organization are examined and the results obtained are used to develop strategies and contingencies to ensure the survival of the entity.

Fraud Risk Reviews and Fraud Awareness Programs

Working with a representative team from senior management, CCS will develop a fraud risk profile. Having identified the risks a management plan is developed to mitigate and/or minimize such risk. Strong corporate governance in many jurisdictions is a legislative requirement, having an effective anti fraud program reduces financial risk and has obvious financial benefits through lower shrinkage costs, insurance costs.


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